MANTA......HP ..... R410A ..... 27 - 606 kW

MANTA......HP ..... R410A ..... 27 - 606 kW

Main features

The machines are made for indoor installation.

Machines supply fully assembled with refrigerant charge and control systems. The installation requires electrical and hydraulic connections only allowing high costs and time reduction.

Final assembly on all machines before shipment including running test, reading and monitoring of operating parameters, alarms simulation and visual check.


Packaged heat pump water/water liquid chiller equipped with scroll compressors and welded plate heat exchangers.

R410A refrigerant charge.

S version: single refrigerant circuit

Cooling capacity 26,8 - 328,0 kW

Heating Capacity 34,8 - 413,0 kW

D version: double refrigerant circuit

Cooling capacity 43,8 - 606,0 kW

Heating Capacity 59,2 - 817,0 kW

Design, assembly and test as per the Company Quality Assurance program in full compliance with ISO 9001:2008. RC Group has been the first Italian company in its segment to get the Company Quality Assurance in October 13th, 1991 with certificate ICIM 0018.

Environmental Management System Certification according to ISO 14001:2004.

The machines are in full compliance with European Directive 2006/42CE, 2006/95CE, 2004/108CE, 97/23CE and subsequent amendments.

Main components


Base, self supporting frame and panelling in steel plate with protective surfaces treatment in compliance with UNI ISO 9227/ASTMB117 and ISO 7253, and painted with epoxy powders.

Colour: RAL 9002


Orbiting spiral (SCROLL) hermetic compressors with spiral profile optimized for R410A refrigerant.

ON / OFF capacity control (0 / 100% each compressor).

2-pole 3-phase electric motor with direct on line starting.

Phase sequence electronic relay.

Crankcase heater.

Electric motor thermal protection via internal winding temperature sensors.

Rubber supports.


Copper brazed plate type with cover plates, plates and connections in AISI 316 stainless steel:

Anticondensate insulation made of polyurethane.

Temperature sensors on water inlet and outlet.

Differential water pressure switch for water flow control.


Copper brazed plate type with cover plates, plates and connections in AISI 316 stainless steel.

Temperature sensor on water outlet.

0-10V proportional signal to manage the 2-way motorized valve for the condensing control (summer working mode) and evaporating control (winter working mode).


Components for each refrigerant circuit:

Reversing valve for refrigeration cycle inversion.

Electronic expansion valve. The valve allows high performance and system efficiency thanks to a timely and accurate response to changes in temperature and pressure.

The expansion valve is equipped with energy reserve to allow the closure of the valve in the event of lack of power supply.

Sight glass.

Filter dryer on liquid line.

Service valves on liquid line and gas discharge.

Safety valve on low pressure side.

Pressure transducers with indication, control and protection functions, on low and high refrigerant pressure.

High pressure safety switch with manual reset.

Oil drainage and oil recovery systems.

Refrigerant circuit with copper tubing with anticondensate insulation of the suction line.

Plastic capillary hoses for pressure sensors connection.

R410A refrigerant charge.


In accordance with EN60204-1 norms, suitable for indoor installation complete with:

Main switch with door lock safety.

Magnetothermic switch or fuses for each compressor.

Contactors for each load.

Transformer for auxiliary circuit and microprocessor supply.

Panel with machine controls.

Summer / Winter working mode selector.

Power supply 400/3/50.


MP.COM microprocessor system with graphic display for control and monitor of operating and alarms status. The system includes:


The heat exchangers’ threaded hydraulic connections are available up to a diameter of 3 " included, and correspond to ISO 228/1 – G M.

The pipes’ threaded hydraulic connections are available up to a diameter of 3 " included, and correspond to ISO 7/1 – R.

The hydraulic connections with flange (FL) are not supplied with counter flange.

The hydraulic connections with grooved end are not supplied with flexible joint (optional accessory).


The descriptions of these additional components can be found in Chapter OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES.

Partial heat recovery system

BRINE kit for chilled water production up to –12°C.


With BRINE Kit it is mandatory to use antifreeze mixture. Refer to the paragraph ANTIFREEZE SOLUTION.

The use of antifreeze mixtures causes a reduction of the machine performance,

Please refer to the RC WORLD electronic catalogue to obtain the effective performance.

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